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Good interior design is more than just a visual change for your home. It’s something that can completely alter your interior architecture, give you a diverse range of furniture styles, and overhaul every single room of your property into something brand new and perfectly-planned.

While style and taste can be very subjective, there’s no denying that a professional’s touch can make any interior design project significantly better. Even the smallest detail can become something new and unique when you have an interior design agency there to help plan and install it.

We at Ideal Interior Designers can offer a wide range of different interior design services, acting as a full-service design agency that can work on almost any project. Our agency specialises in bespoke work, construction interior architecture and furniture designs that suit our clients’ needs and preferences perfectly.

The modern interior design industry has become a hard thing to navigate, with hundreds of companies serving thousands of clients all across the world. Many are also laser-focused on specific kinds of work, meaning that they can only provide solutions to a few of your problems.

We are capable of creating above-industry-standard results and design solutions that fit whatever our clients need, whether the work is for residential south west homes or commercial businesses. Design is all about the parts that you can see, and we know how to provide an aesthetic that works for you.

Who Are Ideal Interior Designers

We are a specialist full-service design agency that specialises in interior design work, providing a huge range of different options for our clients. Our multi-disciplinary approach to the interior design world has allowed us to gather experience and knowledge on a range of different design techniques.

Our studio attempts to deliver whatever matches with the needs of our clients, aiming for success with every bespoke project. This can mean specific kinds of interiors, certain style options, or even using our own creativity to suggest additions and alternations.

The creative direction of each project is entirely up to our clients and their company or firm, but creative projects always benefit from an outside voice. We can use our own interior design knowledge and experience to help you through a project that you’re struggling with, making sure that the end result matches with your goals and expectations.

Why Choose Ideal Interior Designers

Our design work is some of the best available, and we always aim for the highest possible quality in every aspect of our designs. Whether we’re creating commercial interiors or a residential space, we try to be the most reliable design agency our clients can turn to.

Full Service Design Agency

Our full service design agency has worked with clients of all sizes and types, taking on projects with massively different requirements and goals. Our work allows us to be present from the very start of the project until the very end, offering as much (or as little) support as you need.

Interior Design Agency

Discuss that we can work with clients of all sizes and requirements, able to help them from the start of the project right until completion. No matter what kind of work you need done, we’re here to offer all of the expertise and support you want, guiding your interior design techniques to give an interior design you won’t regret.

The Staff at Our Firm

Our expert staff and well-trained interior design specialists know how to tackle any design projects we take on. Their expertise allows us to offer designs and features that other companies can’t always manage, and we can tailor each project to meet your own personal preferences.


As a full-service design agency, we can provide as much or as little active support as you want. We can take on the entire project and construct your interior architecture from scratch, or hang back to act as interior design support and planning experts. Whatever you need, we’re here to offer services that can make it easier

15 Years of Ideal Interior Designers Experience

As an interior design agency, we have over 15 years of experience in interior design work, and have completed designs for thousands of people and businesses all across the UK. Our past work is all designed to match their needs and wants as perfectly as possible, giving them the results they need every single time.

Our experience has allowed us to take on a creative director role in many different interior design projects, offering creative direction and suggestions to people who are struggling with their own designs. Our staff are well-versed in all kinds of design industry techniques and goals, and we can offer a wide range of service types to all clients.

Our award-winning work has made out brand aim for new heights, and we try to be the best possible design agency that we can be. As a specialist interior design company, we want to keep each service high-quality and consistent for our clients, getting them the best results we can each and every time.

Accredited Designers

We have earned a range of accreditation through our award-winning work, both due to our work and the service that backs it up. Not only does our award-winning status apply to residential work, but across a variety of different business types and niches.

We have constructed some award-winning spaces across many different corners of the business world, from pleasure and lifestyle sectors to office and public sectors.

Not only can we design world-wide award-winning spaces with ease, but our design studio knows to treat clients as individual, bespoke projects. Each new client brings new ideas and new services, and we make sure that we’re giving you the design industry care and support that you need.

Some of our members are current or former members of the British Institute of Interior Design, and others have come from a long background of doing design work for various other companies or groups. All of our staff are trained to the highest possible level of competence and quality, allowing us to focus on doing the best work that we can for each client.

Interior Architecture

A major part of interior design is actually planning the space. Our interior design specialities allow us to construct individual, bespoke spaces for private clients, giving them a one-of-a-kind layout that isn’t just taken straight from a mass-produced floorplan.

This can be an important addition for offices and other commercial interiors, spaces where looks and styles are vital to your business or firm being successful. Companies that need overhauled offices, hospitality interiors and other business spaces can get out full support with ease, letting us design a solution that suits your exact requirements.

Our knowledge of architecture panning allows us to design perfect solutions to your floorplan and building design needs. From open-plan offices and closed spaces to creative projects or uniform designs, we can create something that matches your requirements perfectly and follows your exact design specifications.

Interior Designer Cost

We aim to keep the cost of our interior design services low, offering ourselves as an affordable design studio to people or companies that need it. We can tailor each part of our work to match with your budget limits, giving you whatever you need without pushing you over your own spending limitations.

Of course, more in-depth services cost slightly more. We aim to optimise each project we take on, cutting out anything that would add unnecessary costs without providing anything useful to our clients. When you pay for our work, you pay for quality, not just for the brand our business is attached to.

Whatever your budget limits, we always aim for success, creating interiors and floorplans that hit out own standards of quality. Whatever your projects are, we’ll try to be the best and most affordable designers we can be, fulfilling your needs as close as is practically possible.

Interior Design Services We Offer

We have a range of different interior design service types, many of which can be split off into their own interior design sub-categories. All of our work is aimed at the clients that we’re dealing with, so no two projects are the same – they’re all completely bespoke and meant for that specific client.

Thanks to this, we can offer a massive variety of services that cover all kinds of interior design work, from the simplest tweaks of an interior space to the most complex floorplan changes you can imagine. Our expert staff are able to work with any company or client to give them the results they want.

Residential Interior Design

Our residential work is focused on creating floorplans for regular homes, providing all kinds of bespoke interior design options that can make your house into something brand new and completely unique.

Not only can we act as an interior design agency for dealing with the layout of your home itself, but we can also be your furniture designer, helping you pick out furniture styles that suit your preferences.

All of our interior design with regarding residential homes is based on the exact preferences and style choices of our clients, giving you a huge amount of control over the end result. Whatever you’re looking for, we can provide a design that matches your specifications and gits with your idea of what your home should be.

Commercial Interior Design

Our commercial interior design efforts allow us to create new spaces for all kinds of businesses, whether that’s the hospitality industry or a simple office building. All businesses and companies have their own styles and physical space requirements, so we have to employ some creativity when working out how to match their business aesthetics.

Our commercial efforts are meant to match each client’s needs as closely as possible. Thanks to this, we have even been able to form long-standing relationships with certain companies that needed future interior design work in new branches or locations.

Hospitality Interior Design

Hospitality businesses rely on good design to secure business. The hospitality industry is hard to get established in, and without good design, a hospitality business might struggle to attract or retain customers. In many cases, a hospitality business might also rely on specialised architecture to run different parts of its own service well.

Our award-winning multi-disciplinary team can provide the right service for the job, taking on industries like this and using common trends from established hospitality service businesses. Taking notes from other companies in the same industry can be a great way to understand what our studio should focus on as possible solutions.

Retail Interior Design

The retail world can require a lot of specific design ideas and concepts to get right, but the end result is something that makes a huge difference to the property. When preparing a house for retail, interior design can completely overhaul how it looks.

We have worked with several retail property developers to refine the interiors of a building they wish to sell. Retail is a tough industry where each tweak to the architecture or style of interiors can adjust the retail value of the entire building, so we take a multi-disciplinary approach to our retail interior design work.

If you are looking for loft conversion plans or drawings, make sure you check out Elite Loft Conversion Plans for amazing quality at the best rates.

Other Interior Design

Not all interior design falls into a simple category like this. Creating a new interior design plan for a client can make our design studio tackle some unique challenges, providing solutions to a company building or space that doesn’t conform to the normal expectations we’re prepared for.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t do it, though. Our UK team is able to deliver bespoke results to each client, and we’re the right people to turn to if you need a unique, one-of-a-kind design that fits with a very specific vision you want to stick to. Whether this is for a business or a residential building, we’re able to help.

Bespoke Joinery

Unlike a lot of other interior design companies, we can offer a bespoke joinery service that enables us to create entirely unique, specially-made wooden fittings and timber designs. This can give us an entirely new method of creating amazing designs, whether wood is a major part of your plan or not.

All of our timber products are constructed to your exact specifications, properly checked to make sure that they’ll fit into your chosen spaces and match your ideal colour scheme. Like all of our design work, we try to match our timber to the project that we’ve taken on, and will keep in close contact to make sure that we do everything as planned.

Types of Interior Designs

Interior design isn’t a single, monolithic project. Every task that we take on requires a lot of careful attention and planning, and interior design can often mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. As such, we usually have to split our interior design with into categories.

Our design consultancy and planning efforts are split between two things: the client’s requests or requirements, and the practical requirements of the room that we’re working with. Our design studio can work with an endless variety of styles and spaces, and we aim to create solutions for each new project or problem that we tackle.

Modern Interior Design

Our modern interior design efforts can cover a lot of different styles, but they share a lot of elements in common. This means clean spaces, angular lines, nice but simple colours, and a very straightforward layout that can work for all kinds of day-to-day purposes.

We make sure that we can offer modern designs for all kinds of spaces, whether that’s a hospitality business or a residential home. This sees the most use for offices, spaces where keeping everything neat and tidy is incredibly important for daily use. This kind of project often requires a lot of careful, clean planning to make a functional room.

Traditional Interior Design

Traditional design is inspired by home designs from the last few hundred years, meaning that everything is a lot more ornate and focused on a certain kind of aesthetic. Many of our award-winning interiors dip into traditional design elements, and we have often mixed traditional furniture into other projects.

This kind of style is mostly used for residential projects, but we have also managed to incorporate the designs into a variety of commercial project types. It’s also suitable for a retail project, making the interiors more marketable to a certain target audience.

Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary designs are all about the styles that are popular right now. This is different to modern projects – a modern design is all about general design elements, while contemporary interiors are based on highly specific current trends.

This is an important choice for any business whose brand relies on being up-to-date with their modern target audience. It also works for all kinds of residential projects, allowing homeowners to get a new design that perfectly matches with the most popular current trends.

The place this shines most is in the residential market. Our design studio can provide designs that turn home interiors into something perfect for your current target audience, based on the trends you’ve gathered and the details you know about said target audience.

Industrial Interior Design

Our design work can also help with industrial spaces, such as workshops or production lines. We can not only make an area that’s easy to navigate, but ensure that our design studio takes health and safety into account as well. Everything we design needs to be safe and easy to use, especially in industrial contexts.

An industrial project can require a lot of careful planning, so we make sure to approach each new project properly and with a firm grasp of your requirements for the end result. The more accurate the solutions we can deliver are, the better.

Transitional Interior Design

Transitional interior design combines contemporary and traditional styles to create something entirely unique, balancing aesthetics that weren’t originally meant to go together. There can be a lot of variation in this style, but that’s what makes it so interesting as both a designer and a client.

We can tailor your transitional design to match whatever your current needs and preferences are, making sure that we don’t get in the way of your building’s practical or functional needs either.

Rustic Interior Design

Rustic interiors are based around natural elements, aiming for something a bit more rural or cosy. This can work with many different kinds of project, from even the most basic of home design changes to particular businesses that thrive on the entire aesthetic.

However you want a rustic room to be crated, we can help provide the elements to make it work, combining a modern style with something more natural.

Bohemian Interior Design

Bohemian designs are free-spirited and unconstrained, combining all kinds of cultural expression into a multi-colours and multi-patterned spread of styles. This is where creativity can truly shine, and our design studio love to work on these kinds of projects.

The best part about these designs is that they can involve whatever styles you want. Whether you have a personal philosophy you want to stick to or an established style that you prefer, you can take inspiration from cultures and designs all over the world.

Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalism is all about simplicity and streamlining. This means nothing unnecessary – perfect for industries and businesses that want a straightforward central company building. This also works for people who want their residential home to follow a minimalist philosophy.

A rental company can use minimalist designs to present properties as a blank slate for a project, something that potential homeowners will be drawn to since it doesn’t follow any established style that might turn them away.

Hollywood Regency Interior Design

Hollywood regency, or Hollywood glam, is meant to mix art decor with an ultramodern style. It’s hard to explain exactly what this style offers, but it tries to remain stylish and comfortable no matter where in the world you use it.

This can mean things like chandeliers and neoclassical design elements, as well as plenty of art and paintings. Our design studio has become experienced with these kinds of niche styles, building them up across many past project designs

Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian designs take inspiration from Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark. The overall style is about minimalism and utility, making an area useful before it becomes over-designed, relying on bare layouts and a lot of simple colour palettes.

Should I Hire an Interior Designer?

Interior design groups like ours can be valuable for any business, company, industry, or homeowner. Every design project needs somebody skilled creating the basics, and our UK team can provide excellent results from our very own studio.

Whether you’re the owner of an established health or hospital property, or just a homeowner who wants a new home style, we can provide a service that suits your needs perfectly. Our solutions are faster, easier, cheaper and more flexible than trying to redesign your property from scratch by yourself.

Interior Designer Benefits

Our award-winning multi-disciplinary service can have a variety of useful benefits for our clients, all depending on how established they are and the service that they actually want from your UK team. Using our service can provide you with:

  • Expert advice and service.
  • Less time needed to deliver the service you want.
  • Easy connections to established companies in relevant industries, such as a wall paint firm or other contractor services.
  • Established architecture design experience.
  • Greater health and safety focus.
  • Responsive support and customer service.
  • Firm, consistent design plans that we can update as needed.

Luxury Interior Designing Company

We aim to deliver some of the best designs and service in the industry, treating everything from architecture to firm dividing wall construction as its own distinct service and job. Unlike many designers in the industry, we make sure every service is high-quality on its own, even if it’s part of a larger overall service.

This means that our UK team can provide architecture, designs and service quality far above the competition. We aim to be the best UK design team possible, focusing on quality in every situation.

The Interior Design Process

Our design technique is simple, but with a lot of complexity at each stage. Our studio tackles every project in the same basic way, taking it one step at a time.


We always talk with clients to plan out their general idea, from architecture drawings to simple colour choices. The more our studio knows, the better we can understand your goals.


After getting a basic idea on paper, our UK team put the designs into actual plans, creating 3D models or drawn designs of the overall goal. These can change over time, but act as a guideline for what we should be constructing.


Finding a suitable budget and timescale is important for our UK team to know how long the project should take, and how cheap we need to keep things. We always discuss this with the client, often multiple times per project.


Getting the plan in visual form means finalising some basic plans. While we can modify them later, these are the actual plans that most of the work will be based off.


Making adjustments and modifications to the existing plan is a natural part of having it all work correctly. Even the smallest change can have huge impacts, so keeping them consistent, across all designs takes our UK team some extra time.


Getting everything ordered correctly – materials, equipment, other contractors – is a vital part of the entire process. We double and triple-check everything to make sure that we’re ordering all of the right materials, and that we’re ready to piece together the entire project once it all arrives.


Good project management means keeping each team in check and making sure that the work hits all of the right standards of equality. We’re well-prepared to take on tough challenges and keep them high-quality at all costs.


Once everything else is done, we can get to work on installing your new style, making sure that everything fits at it should do. This work is the most important, since we want the end result to perfectly match your needs and expectations.

Checks and Complications

If anything goes wrong, our UK team work incredibly hard to fix it. We don’t consider a project done until the customer is happy with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an interior designer?

An interior design expert is any specialist that can design an interior space well. The field is also focused on the planning and budgeting stages of the work.

What does an interior designer do?

Designers do everything from drawing plans and working out design options to arranging for specialist and contractors. Our UK team can offer a wide variety of services, so contact us if you want to know more.

What does interior design mean?

Interior design is simply the process of designing or re-designing a room to look different.

What are the 7 principles of interior design?

There are seven core points that our UK studio always keeps in mind: balance, unity, rhythm, emphasis, contract, scale/proportion and details. Any good design studio knows that these matter more than any niche style choices.

How much does it cost for an interior designer to design a room?

The average design process costs about £30 to £50 an hour, depending on the complexity of what the studio is doing (and the prices of the studio itself).

How much do most designers charge?

On average, the overall cost for a full design process in the UK (after planning_ is around £100 to£250 per hour. Again, this depends heavily on what the studio is going and the studio prices.

What are 5 Typical duties for an interior design expert?

Designers have five core duties that apply to all of their projects: planning, developing, arranging for support, talking with clients and negotiating specific details that need changed.

What is the accreditation for interior design?

The most notable accreditation that most designers can achieve comes from the Society of British & International Interior Design, or SBID.

Interior Designer vs Architect

An interior design expert focuses on planning furnishing and decoration, while an architect is more about the actual layout of a room. Both are often related to one another, and we can provide the services of both as needed.

What Our Customers Say

“Ideal Interior Designs gave our firm the redesign we needed to bring in customers again. The agency didn’t let us down, even when we changed our plans.”

“The Ideal Interior Designs agency made everything so much easier, and we saved a lot of money based on our original estimations.”

“The agency promised a lot and delivered exactly what we hoped. Our offices look so much nicer, and they’re far more efficient than our other office is now.”

Get In Touch

If you want to know more about what we can offer, then feel free to contact us directly to learn more about our work. Our expert staff can offer price details, timescale estimations, and a lot of information about the work that we’re able to do for our clients.

Our firm can provide a huge range of services to businesses in any industry, or even independent homeowners just looking for something new. Contact us today if you want to learn more.

What Our Customers Say

"Ideal Interior Designs gave our firm the redesign we needed to bring in customers again. The agency didn't let us down, even when we changed our plans."
Steve Johnson
"The Ideal Interior Designs agency made everything so much easier, and we saved a lot of money based on our original estimations."
Bradley Wilson
"The agency promised a lot and delivered exactly what we hoped. Our offices look so much nicer, and they're far more efficient than our other office is now."
Ellie Jerome

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